Monday Dec 12 @ 09:25pm


Sunday Dec 12 @ 08:56pm

cute post limit blog that is never used aw

Sunday Dec 12 @ 08:44pm

anyway might as well do some kind of summary of me

i’m now completely recovered from my depression, tho I’m still at maximum dose of antidepressants

I go to this recovery group thing where we sing and we’ll have a choir concert in may and also i may do solos cause apparently i have a nice voice

i have a new birdie she’s a quaker her name is aqua

that’s her

i’m going to start job stages that are offered at my psychiatric clinic

i have a rehab coach helping me with my anxiety

all in all things are going pretty well

also my main blog is http://keinekamishirasawa.tumblr.com

have fun y’all

Sunday Dec 12 @ 08:34pm

lol i only ever use firefox to watch anime cause chrome is being a piece of shit but firefox is also a piece of shit when it comes to anything that isnt anime

Sunday Dec 12 @ 08:29pm

who even still follows this blog

Sunday Dec 12 @ 08:28pm

reminder my new blog is http://togamu.tumblr.com

Sunday Apr 4 @ 03:59pm

theres still 307 of you guys so answer me u fuckers

Thursday Jan 1 @ 06:59pm

yoooooooo wassup

Thursday Jan 1 @ 06:57pm

reminder that my main is http://alibabang.tumblr.com and that this blog is only my post limit blog

which i enver use ebcause i havent hit the post limit in forever

Sunday Jan 1 @ 03:49pm
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